Thursday, 28 April 2011

Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys may not be everybody’s favourite sex toys. Most women have noted that they don’t think they will enjoy it before using it. Those women that have used it have noted that glass sex toys have to be among the best sex aids obtainable on the adult-market currently.  In recent survey most women believe that glass the sex toys would be a dangerous toy to use on them. This is of course totally untrue. These toys are perfectly safe for as they are made from medical grade borosilicate glass, also know as Hard Glass. This glass can withstand extreme temperatures, physical strain and of course non-toxic.

The glass sex toy is somewhat different from you normal everyday adult toys. In most cases these toys are handcrafted. They are build to withstand years and years of abuse. In most cases glass sex toy does not have any motors inserted inside. These toys are suitable for use for both vaginally and anally. What makes a glass dildo sex toy such an excellent choice would be that the toy can be heated or cold. For instance the user can put the product inside hot water or a microwave to heat the product up. Some women prefer a cold toy and some even frozen. If this is the case you can place the object in cold water or leave it in the fridge for a bit. It all depends on your personal choice. As mentioned before the glass toys is totally waterproof so now you can use it wherever you want. For instance now you may want to use the toy inside a pool or Jacuzzi.

You probably thinking now what sort money would you have to spend to buy such a toy. We do advise that if you are a newbie, the best product would be a small vibrator or vibe for easy use. Of course as you want to experience different sensations you can now start using toys of the glass variety. Most experience users are in agreement that the glass range sex toys is definitely worth the investment. Because of its hypoallergenic and smooth feel these toys are often said to be the sexiest toys out there.
With glass toys becoming more and more widespread, some manufactures have been adding extras within the vibe. Some vibrators are now built with a small opening at the bottom where the user can insert a small vibe. Because the vibe can be removed from the glass casing the user can use the vibe as a standalone product.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Male Sex Toys

When I think about sex toys I usually end up thinking about sex toys like vibrators and dildos designed for women only.  Even though the majority of sex toys are made for female, male sex toys have become a big seller among men.
Artificial vaginas (pocket pussy) are designed to be similar to the female vagina and surrounding genital area. These apparatuses are shaped and feel exactly like a real vagina. The artificial vagina graft accepts the male penis as if it’s a real vagina. In some cases these male sex toys include sex machine options like vibrations and automatic lubrication ect.

Cock rings have been around for centuries. Its primary use is for the male to prolong his erection. The device wears the cock-ring around the base of the penis when erect. The blood is blocked, thus ensuring that the cock stays engorged with blood. In some cases the cock rings comes with a clitoral attachment which is used to stimulate the clitoral area of female while performing intercourse.  Another popular option would the so called Dolphin cock ring. This sex toy comes with 2 detachable bullets to offer stimulation to the male testicles and the female clitoris.

The Triple Crown is a special cock ring that has been designed to restrain the testicles. The idea is that when the male start to ejaculate the testicles retract back into the body. The device keeps the testicles from retracting which increase the sensation when the male orgasms.

For males that are into BDSM, you can get yourself a so-called cock harness. These devices are designed to be worn around the testicles and penis. These devices are often linked to men practicing BDSM known as cock and ball torture.  Another male torture product known as the ball-lock separates the testicles away from the penis. This device can only be removed with some sort of key.

The penis sleeve is seen as the most advanced male adult toy. This cylindrical device is places on shaft of the penis. The main aim of this sex toy is to increase stimulation for the person penetrating the device. Soft bumps have been added to the inside of the sleeve to enhance sensation.  The most famous penis sleeve manufacturer is known as the Fleshlight range.

The male penis pump has been around since the 70’s. These male sextoys are also called male sex pumps(penis pumps) are male sex aids. The male places his penis inside the cylinder like object. The cylinder is attached to hand held pump. When pump it creates a vacuum inside the cylinder which courses the penis to be engorged with blood more than usual. Some men use cock rings in combination with male penis pumps to ensure that the blood does not escape while having sex.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Adult Sex toys using with your partner

When I think about a sex toy I immediately think about solo product, but in fact there multiple bedroom toys available that can be used by both partners. Before you go out and buy a intercourse toy, you should first discuss the situation with your partner.  You two can then go out and find that specific adult toy that both of you enjoy.  If you are reading this you most probably never purchase a toy before. You most probably have a basic idea that you want to spice it up in the bedroom and thus needs some help. First thing first – you need a toy that can be good for you and your better half. Also you need to think of toy as an extension of your sex life. It does not necessarily have to be used each time you  have sex. It has to be seen an extra option to enhance your sex life.

Before you make your choice, make sure your partner is interested. It will not work if he or she does not want to use such a toy when. Both parties have to be comfortable using a toy in the bedroom. Adding a adult novelty toy to sex play can boost anticipation and add some much needed stimulation in the bedroom. It's been noted by sex therapist that using a adult toy can develop your bond between you and your partner. If you approach your partner in an appropriate way he/she will not be able to say no. Most partners will be willing to share toys and take part in these sex plays.

Choosing a sex toy can be mammoth task if you are not sure what you looking for. Each sex gadget comes with a special purpose and design. It would be advisable to choose a bedroom gadget that stimulates both partners at the same time. For a guy the best toy to use would most probably be the cock ring. The rings were designed to fit around the base of the penis. The toy has 2 distinct purposes. For the male the cock ring heighten sexual your sexual experience and can delay the orgasm. Cock rings that come with a butterfly vibe can stimulate the women clitoris. Stimulating the clit while having sex can be very pleasurable for the lady. Another well-known sex toy that can be used by both partners is known as the bullet vibrator. The bullet vibe can be connected to the guys hand. He will then use this tool to stimulate the lady.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The realistic Jelly Vibrator

Most vibrators are made from silicone, but in some cases the manufactures decided to use jelly instead of silicone. These jelly vibrators are known to give the user a much more realistic feel than its silicone partners. In most cases the vibes are made in different sizes and colours and some women have contested that they use them vaginally and anally, they also mentioned that these vibes feel amazing when used.  Manufactures of these jelly toys have gone out of their way to sculpt these products to feel and touch exactly like the real thing. Because of the jelly material these products is known to quiet when used as the jelly absorbed most of  the sound waves.

Type of jelly vibrators

There are hundreds of different jelly vibe types on the market. Jelly substances can be moulded into almost any moulding cast which makes it’s the perfect sex-toy manufacturing substance. The bigger, larger sybians are made from harder, denser jelly. When a vibes are inserted inside the vibe, the jelly can absorb most of the sound.

Jelly waterproof vibe

So you may have become bored using the vibe in your bedroom. Now you can use the buy vibes are made for underwater use. The waterproof jelly vibrators is totally waterproof which makes it the ideal toy for underwater fun.

Curve Sybians

In some cases the manufactures use soft jelly to create jelly vibes that is extremely flexible. Females that use these soft jelly toys have contested that these toys are perfect for women who like to have their G-spot stimulated. Because of its remarkable agility, these toys can get to those hard to reach spaces.

Soft jelly vibe

The soft vibrators as the name suggest is made from soft jelly. This unique jelly has extremely good qualities. It can provide a outstanding stimulus. Soft stimulus and very easy use.  Most user say that this toy is perfect for first time users.

The Dense jelly vibe

This toy is for the demanding women who earn for something more rugged and hard. This jelly vibe has been designed and formulated to be hard and should only be used by experienced sex toy users.

The makers feel that jelly is among the toys that feel the closest to human skin. The jelly vibes are known to be very easy to clean and it comes hundreds of different colours and sizes.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Vibrators and its history

The vibrator has come a long way from early start in 1870. Well known medical father Hippocrates believed that the so called womb constricted the windpipe when the persons orgasm. He believed that this constricted windpipe was the reason for the panting when the male or female near orgasm.

In the earlier times women complained that they felt like they need release. The doctor diagnosed this condition as Nervousness. A well-known Greek doctor called Galen, believed that these bouts of nervousness were caused by sexual deprivation. These women that were diagnose with this disease were either very passionate or in other cases they either virgins, nuns or women whose husband were not at home, working abroad or on ships.

Galen believed and stated that release could be brought on by massaging the clitoral area of women and thus frees her of these so called “demons” she was experiencing. According to historians these doctors felt that these massage techniques would take forever and sometimes required hours and a doctor would need allot of stamina. Because of the time problem, many doctors felt that curing these women were not very lucrative for their practice.

If women could not relieve themselves, they were advised by their doctors to try going on rickety train rides or maybe go for a horse riding lesson.

As time went on medical professionals started to think about a mechanical manipulator. A contraption was devised to work on steam. The devise would only be used by doctors, and medical personal.  Women came in droves to try out this steam driven vibrator.
In the early 20th century the vibrator became electrified. This immediately made it available for home-use and of course doctors stopped using it.  These toys became more widespread and advertised in silent films before the First World War. To avoid displacement of these vibrator adverts, these toys were advertised was so called Neck massagers. For some unknown reason the vibe/massager disappeared completely for the better parts of 50 years. Only the early 80’s the product were changed from massagers to vibrators.
As these toys were used by more women, the developers came up with smaller version of these sex-toys.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Sex toys Ultimate Sensation

Most couples turn to sex toys when they decide they would like to spice up their sex life. Since at the turn of the 21 century sexual toys have become more and more easier to buy, thus there has been a sharp increase in sales and availability in novelty toys for couples. These toys are not only more freely available but have become more colorful and more sensual. Also there has been a sharp increase in the development of romance toys that caters for men, women and couples. In some cases these sexy gagets also are made for men and women that practice a specific sexual orientation for example gay men and lesbian women. Gay men can now purchase anal sex toy that are developed to stimulate the anal area and lesbian women can now use products like the dildo harness.

If you are like most women and some men, you can find it extremely difficult to find that special sex toy shop. Women usually believe that somebody will find out or somebody will see when she walks into some dingy store. Most women now prefer to buy their bedroom toys online. They rather search for that special product online and then buy it on a website like . This website goes out of its way to keep all purchases confidential.

When buying a product from an online store you should know that there is an amount of risk involve. Some of these adult toy shops are actually fraudulent online store. The best way to ensure that you buy from a reputable website like would be to read their sales agreement before purchasing any products. Also check their email disclaimer and credit card disclaimer to make sure they will not use the information for anything else accept debiting your credit card for the adult novelty toys you have purchase.  In 99% of cases there is nothing to worry about. Most people believe that buying with a credit card online opens you up for all sorts of fraudulent activities. It may be true that using a credit card online can lead to fraud but as the buyer you have 6 months to dispute any transaction. In most cases the money we be placed back into your account without any issues.

So if you have been thinking about spicing up your sex life, you have definitely come to the best place on the net. Checkout our online men's sex toy catalog.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Waterproof vibrators – The New Sensation

If you in mood for the ultimate sensation, you should try out the new waterproof vibes on sale at this online romance store . If you want to experience the adventure, the waterproof vibe may be for you. Generally most vibrators do not work in water but now you can use your vibrator in any place you like. These waterproof vibes were designed to be used in any water; this includes swimming pools, saunas, tubs and showers. We at Sextoyland call these devices the ultimate “Wet Fun” experience.  A guy can use this tool to stimulate the women underwater and if you like to use the tool yourself you sit in the pool or bathtub and penetrate yourself while in a reclined position.

Information on Sex toys

There are an amazing amount of sex toys to be found a Sextoyland. We have a remarkable list of sexual aids and toys available for both partners. For men you can buy assortment of Fake vaginas, or cock Rings even penis sleeves like the Fleshlight or Tenga series. For men who want to experience something else you we have BDSM equipment that will never let you down. For women the selection is even greater than for men. They have an assortment of adult toys from Dildos, vibrating bullets and even vibrators dongs. Each of these toys have been designed to improve you or your partner sexual pleasure.

These toys can be used by men and women of all ages and sexual orientation. Women that use these toys have noted that these toys not only make it possible to get sexual release but ultimately increase relaxation and thus feel at peace with one self.

Extremely Cold Sex-toys

With sex toys become more used, the manufactures have thought of ways to change enhance toys. For example some toys are now made from indestructible glass. These toys can be heated in warm water or placed in the freezer to freeze the toy. The toy is then used on them, which some users say can enhance their sexual intensity.  Some women and men prefer to use products that incorporate pain into their sex play. These products are called BDSM products.

Style of vibrators

The vibrator is built to enhance lovemaking and used for personal pleasure. Even though there is about 40 – 50 different kind of vibes, we will explore the most noted sextoys on the market today.

Traditional vibes - Well known to be the most well know vibe. These are known to get the job done and not expensive. The toys are known have a shorter life span.
Dual Action Vibe – These toys are built for solo use. Usually designed to stimulate the clit and vagina
Clit vibe – This vibe usually fit inside her hands. Its main purpose would be to stimulate the clitoral area
G-Spot Vibe – The g-spot were built to be inserted into the vagina, its curve position allows the end of the vibe to stimulate the ladies Gspot

Monday, 11 April 2011

Lesser Known Sex toys

The glass sex toy is bit lesser known adult toy. This apparatus are made from glass known as borosilicate glass (hard glass) . This glass sex toys is not poisonous and non-toxic. It is able to withstand great temperatures and severe shock. For this reason it can be heated or freeze up. Some women prefer different sensations like heat or cold which can heighten their orgasm. These glass bedroom toys are non-porous and can be sterilized to avoid any contamination when it’s being reused.

Nipple Clamp info

The nipple clamp was designed to arouse the nipple region using changeable degrees of weight. Some women that are into BDSM are known to enjoy nipple clamps which heighten their sexual experience. The Nipple suction device is generally made from rubber or glass. This adult toy fits around the nipple and causes suction which engorged the nipple and thus makes it more sensitive.

Anal Toys Information and Facts

The anal toy butt plug are used to stimulate the male g-spot. It’s a well-known fact that the male prostate can found in the anus. Some men enjoy stimulation to this area when having sex as this heightens their orgasm. It has to note that these sexy gadgets should not be used by multiple users as they can contract a STD. Some anal toys like but plugs have been designed to ejaculate by spraying water for some other liquid into the rectum. Butt plugs come in a wide variety of designs… this include vibrating butt plugs or the ribbed butt plug. Some men prefer to insert a butt plug for long period of time, so when they finally ejaculate the feeling is intensified.

Anal Beads Information/Facts

Anal beads or also known as anal balls are place into the rectum and when ready are removed at changeable rates. These anal beads come in a wide variety sizes depending on the users taste. Your anal balls number from 3 to 8 in a string.

The dildo is a non-vibrating marital aid which is used to stimulate the vagina and in some cases the anus.  In most cases a dildo is made from rubber and resembles male genitalia. Couples are known use dill to enhance their sex life.. The double end dildo is long and can be used to insert into the vagina and anus at the same time. This is called double penetration.

Women that would like to exercise their kegal muscles can used a sex toys called Ben-Wa balls. These adult novelty toys are inserted into the vagina. The women then keep the balls inside thus improving muscle tone in the pelvic floor of the pubic bone. This has to worn for long period of time. It's been noted by sex therapist that this exercise increase vagina tightness and thus improve sex between male and female.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rabbit Vibrator Review

The rabbit vibrator became well known in 90’s when the hit sitcom Sex and the City. One of the stars Miranda could not get enough of the Rabbit vibe. After this free advertising the rabbit vibe sex toy became the highest selling sex toy in the US. Many users will attest to the power of the bunny vibe. For those that don’t own such a toy yet or just want to find out a bit more, we can create a couple of questions and answer for you.

Why would you want to use a rabbit vibrator?

Beside the fact that a vibe can make sex so much more fun, the vibe can also enhance your sexual experience. This tool can also be used by couples.

What precisely is a bunny vibe?

Not you every day vibe. The rabbit vibe comes with a small extension at the base of the vibe. The extension resembles the ears is inside. This is called double stimulation.

Do you need a condom using the Sybian vibe

No you do not need a condom using the vibe as long as you are the only one use it. It is also advisable to only use the vibe either the on the vagina or the anus.

Do I need to clean my vibe

It is definitely advisable to clean your intercourse gadget after use. Sextoyland sell various special solutions to clean their intercourse  toys. If you use water make sure the sex toy is water proof otherwise you may damage the unit.

Are lubricants needed when using a vibrator

Definitely yes. You should apply some sort of lubrication on the bunny vibrator before use. You should also apply some lube on yourself. If you don’t use lube you may damage yourself internally.
I hope this question manual clear out any issues or question you may have about the uses of rabbit -vibes. If you wish to own a rabbit vibrator yourself please go the following link : We have a huge set of high value vibrators for you definitive fulfillment .

Monday, 4 April 2011

Innovative Sex-Toys

Romance gadgets can now be found anywhere in the free world. If you have money you can buy any toy you want. If you want to buy a sex toy for your girlfriends it’s not needed to walk the street or visits dingy adult sex shops anymore. All you need is a credit card, computer and internet connection. Buy your toy from any of the hundred online suppliers on the net today. These shops deliver directly to your door.  As our name suggest, we at Sextoyland is the premier intimacy toy distributor in the world. Our product range goes up to about 4000 products.
Our products have been specifically designed to meet your physical needs. In most cases toys are made from silicone, rubber, glass or latex.

The hottest selling toys on the internet would have to be the dildos, vibrators, anal probes and beads. There has also been sharp increase in sales for quality lubrication.  These toys have been found very easy to use. These devices can either be inserted into the vagina or used to stroke/touch the clitoral area. Depending on your sexual needs, these toys can be used simultaneously inside her vagina and anus.

When you think of sex toys you immediately think about vibes.  Sex toys for ladies are often Sextoylands biggest sellers. We at sextoyland make an effort to make your purchase as discreet as possible. We do not want you to worry about your security or privacy while you are shopping for romance toy

Even though you only think about women when you say the word adult toy, it must be noted that there is a fair number of male sex toys on the market. These toys consist of cock rings, masturbators, penis pumps, penis sleeves and sex dolls. These toys come in very handy for a man who has mental sex issues. They can now use these innovative toys to work themselves though any issues they may have in the bedroom. For more information on the sexual awareness and questions on erectile dysfunction.