Thursday, 21 April 2011

Adult Sex toys using with your partner

When I think about a sex toy I immediately think about solo product, but in fact there multiple bedroom toys available that can be used by both partners. Before you go out and buy a intercourse toy, you should first discuss the situation with your partner.  You two can then go out and find that specific adult toy that both of you enjoy.  If you are reading this you most probably never purchase a toy before. You most probably have a basic idea that you want to spice it up in the bedroom and thus needs some help. First thing first – you need a toy that can be good for you and your better half. Also you need to think of toy as an extension of your sex life. It does not necessarily have to be used each time you  have sex. It has to be seen an extra option to enhance your sex life.

Before you make your choice, make sure your partner is interested. It will not work if he or she does not want to use such a toy when. Both parties have to be comfortable using a toy in the bedroom. Adding a adult novelty toy to sex play can boost anticipation and add some much needed stimulation in the bedroom. It's been noted by sex therapist that using a adult toy can develop your bond between you and your partner. If you approach your partner in an appropriate way he/she will not be able to say no. Most partners will be willing to share toys and take part in these sex plays.

Choosing a sex toy can be mammoth task if you are not sure what you looking for. Each sex gadget comes with a special purpose and design. It would be advisable to choose a bedroom gadget that stimulates both partners at the same time. For a guy the best toy to use would most probably be the cock ring. The rings were designed to fit around the base of the penis. The toy has 2 distinct purposes. For the male the cock ring heighten sexual your sexual experience and can delay the orgasm. Cock rings that come with a butterfly vibe can stimulate the women clitoris. Stimulating the clit while having sex can be very pleasurable for the lady. Another well-known sex toy that can be used by both partners is known as the bullet vibrator. The bullet vibe can be connected to the guys hand. He will then use this tool to stimulate the lady.

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