Thursday, 28 April 2011

Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys may not be everybody’s favourite sex toys. Most women have noted that they don’t think they will enjoy it before using it. Those women that have used it have noted that glass sex toys have to be among the best sex aids obtainable on the adult-market currently.  In recent survey most women believe that glass the sex toys would be a dangerous toy to use on them. This is of course totally untrue. These toys are perfectly safe for as they are made from medical grade borosilicate glass, also know as Hard Glass. This glass can withstand extreme temperatures, physical strain and of course non-toxic.

The glass sex toy is somewhat different from you normal everyday adult toys. In most cases these toys are handcrafted. They are build to withstand years and years of abuse. In most cases glass sex toy does not have any motors inserted inside. These toys are suitable for use for both vaginally and anally. What makes a glass dildo sex toy such an excellent choice would be that the toy can be heated or cold. For instance the user can put the product inside hot water or a microwave to heat the product up. Some women prefer a cold toy and some even frozen. If this is the case you can place the object in cold water or leave it in the fridge for a bit. It all depends on your personal choice. As mentioned before the glass toys is totally waterproof so now you can use it wherever you want. For instance now you may want to use the toy inside a pool or Jacuzzi.

You probably thinking now what sort money would you have to spend to buy such a toy. We do advise that if you are a newbie, the best product would be a small vibrator or vibe for easy use. Of course as you want to experience different sensations you can now start using toys of the glass variety. Most experience users are in agreement that the glass range sex toys is definitely worth the investment. Because of its hypoallergenic and smooth feel these toys are often said to be the sexiest toys out there.
With glass toys becoming more and more widespread, some manufactures have been adding extras within the vibe. Some vibrators are now built with a small opening at the bottom where the user can insert a small vibe. Because the vibe can be removed from the glass casing the user can use the vibe as a standalone product.

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