Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Male Sex Toys

When I think about sex toys I usually end up thinking about sex toys like vibrators and dildos designed for women only.  Even though the majority of sex toys are made for female, male sex toys have become a big seller among men.
Artificial vaginas (pocket pussy) are designed to be similar to the female vagina and surrounding genital area. These apparatuses are shaped and feel exactly like a real vagina. The artificial vagina graft accepts the male penis as if it’s a real vagina. In some cases these male sex toys include sex machine options like vibrations and automatic lubrication ect.

Cock rings have been around for centuries. Its primary use is for the male to prolong his erection. The device wears the cock-ring around the base of the penis when erect. The blood is blocked, thus ensuring that the cock stays engorged with blood. In some cases the cock rings comes with a clitoral attachment which is used to stimulate the clitoral area of female while performing intercourse.  Another popular option would the so called Dolphin cock ring. This sex toy comes with 2 detachable bullets to offer stimulation to the male testicles and the female clitoris.

The Triple Crown is a special cock ring that has been designed to restrain the testicles. The idea is that when the male start to ejaculate the testicles retract back into the body. The device keeps the testicles from retracting which increase the sensation when the male orgasms.

For males that are into BDSM, you can get yourself a so-called cock harness. These devices are designed to be worn around the testicles and penis. These devices are often linked to men practicing BDSM known as cock and ball torture.  Another male torture product known as the ball-lock separates the testicles away from the penis. This device can only be removed with some sort of key.

The penis sleeve is seen as the most advanced male adult toy. This cylindrical device is places on shaft of the penis. The main aim of this sex toy is to increase stimulation for the person penetrating the device. Soft bumps have been added to the inside of the sleeve to enhance sensation.  The most famous penis sleeve manufacturer is known as the Fleshlight range.

The male penis pump has been around since the 70’s. These male sextoys are also called male sex pumps(penis pumps) are male sex aids. The male places his penis inside the cylinder like object. The cylinder is attached to hand held pump. When pump it creates a vacuum inside the cylinder which courses the penis to be engorged with blood more than usual. Some men use cock rings in combination with male penis pumps to ensure that the blood does not escape while having sex.

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