Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Vibrators and its history

The vibrator has come a long way from early start in 1870. Well known medical father Hippocrates believed that the so called womb constricted the windpipe when the persons orgasm. He believed that this constricted windpipe was the reason for the panting when the male or female near orgasm.

In the earlier times women complained that they felt like they need release. The doctor diagnosed this condition as Nervousness. A well-known Greek doctor called Galen, believed that these bouts of nervousness were caused by sexual deprivation. These women that were diagnose with this disease were either very passionate or in other cases they either virgins, nuns or women whose husband were not at home, working abroad or on ships.

Galen believed and stated that release could be brought on by massaging the clitoral area of women and thus frees her of these so called “demons” she was experiencing. According to historians these doctors felt that these massage techniques would take forever and sometimes required hours and a doctor would need allot of stamina. Because of the time problem, many doctors felt that curing these women were not very lucrative for their practice.

If women could not relieve themselves, they were advised by their doctors to try going on rickety train rides or maybe go for a horse riding lesson.

As time went on medical professionals started to think about a mechanical manipulator. A contraption was devised to work on steam. The devise would only be used by doctors, and medical personal.  Women came in droves to try out this steam driven vibrator.
In the early 20th century the vibrator became electrified. This immediately made it available for home-use and of course doctors stopped using it.  These toys became more widespread and advertised in silent films before the First World War. To avoid displacement of these vibrator adverts, these toys were advertised was so called Neck massagers. For some unknown reason the vibe/massager disappeared completely for the better parts of 50 years. Only the early 80’s the product were changed from massagers to vibrators.
As these toys were used by more women, the developers came up with smaller version of these sex-toys.

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