Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Waterproof vibrators – The New Sensation

If you in mood for the ultimate sensation, you should try out the new waterproof vibes on sale at this online romance store . If you want to experience the adventure, the waterproof vibe may be for you. Generally most vibrators do not work in water but now you can use your vibrator in any place you like. These waterproof vibes were designed to be used in any water; this includes swimming pools, saunas, tubs and showers. We at Sextoyland call these devices the ultimate “Wet Fun” experience.  A guy can use this tool to stimulate the women underwater and if you like to use the tool yourself you sit in the pool or bathtub and penetrate yourself while in a reclined position.

Information on Sex toys

There are an amazing amount of sex toys to be found a Sextoyland. We have a remarkable list of sexual aids and toys available for both partners. For men you can buy assortment of Fake vaginas, or cock Rings even penis sleeves like the Fleshlight or Tenga series. For men who want to experience something else you we have BDSM equipment that will never let you down. For women the selection is even greater than for men. They have an assortment of adult toys from Dildos, vibrating bullets and even vibrators dongs. Each of these toys have been designed to improve you or your partner sexual pleasure.

These toys can be used by men and women of all ages and sexual orientation. Women that use these toys have noted that these toys not only make it possible to get sexual release but ultimately increase relaxation and thus feel at peace with one self.

Extremely Cold Sex-toys

With sex toys become more used, the manufactures have thought of ways to change enhance toys. For example some toys are now made from indestructible glass. These toys can be heated in warm water or placed in the freezer to freeze the toy. The toy is then used on them, which some users say can enhance their sexual intensity.  Some women and men prefer to use products that incorporate pain into their sex play. These products are called BDSM products.

Style of vibrators

The vibrator is built to enhance lovemaking and used for personal pleasure. Even though there is about 40 – 50 different kind of vibes, we will explore the most noted sextoys on the market today.

Traditional vibes - Well known to be the most well know vibe. These are known to get the job done and not expensive. The toys are known have a shorter life span.
Dual Action Vibe – These toys are built for solo use. Usually designed to stimulate the clit and vagina
Clit vibe – This vibe usually fit inside her hands. Its main purpose would be to stimulate the clitoral area
G-Spot Vibe – The g-spot were built to be inserted into the vagina, its curve position allows the end of the vibe to stimulate the ladies Gspot

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