Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The most popular male sex toys

sex toy for a guy
Male sex toys have never been such a favourite among men, but in the last 20 years the male sex toy industry has gained massive popularity in the sex toy market. From its humble beginnings, the male sex toy have increase with such velocity that this segment of the market is actually having an effect on sales in the female adult novelty industry. Adult novelties have always been a female product, but with advancement in technology and manufacturing of materials like super-skin or flesh like, these toys can now feel exactly like the real thing. Checkout our lifelike sex toys  It also been found that male toys sales have gone up because of males not feeling sex toy is such bad thing anymore. They have opened up on the idea that they are sexual creatures and they should be comfortable with their own sexuality that said it will probably take a couple of years before all men think this way. Couple adult toys that benefit both parties have also been found to be a firm favourite among users.

For instance the cock ring is still considered the most used male adult toys on the market today Each of these product are made from a different material. The manufactures usually use either silicone or stainless steel. The users have to make a choice what kind of feel he would like.

This device is placed at the base of the man’s penis. This ensures that the penis is much more firmer and longer. We do advise that when using the cock rings the user should only use it for a limited of time. Not more than 20 minutes at a time.
The vibrating cock is a exciting advancement to the normal cock ring. With this extra extension on the front of the cock ring, the user can now place a small vibrator. This extra toy will vibrate while the user of the cock ring is placing his penis inside of the vagina. While thrusting, the vibe will stimulate the clitoral area of the female genitalia. So this toy does not only keep the male penis stronger for longer but also enhance stimulation of the female clit area.
The penis sleeves are another favourite toy among men. These sleeves have become increasingly popular among men. The sleeve resembles a female mouth, vagina or anus. The most favourite brands at the moment are the Fleshlight Series and the Tenga Series. The manufactures have noted that the best lubrication for these products is water based.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Condoms that feel like the real thing

During sex you would like to experience all that is good about sex, sensation like ecstasy, passion and need. An orgasm must be the most natural feeling you can experience without using a mind altering drug. For you to experience such passion, everything has to fall in place. But as we all know, having unprotected sex can lead to many different problems and diseases, thus the male use a condom to protect himself and his partner for the duration of their sexual experience. The Trojan brand condom company have noted that they definitely agree.

Ultra thin condoms

If you have experience sex without a condom, you may have notice that you feel much more sensation than when you are wearing something. For this reason many men and women believe they don’t necessarily like to put a condom on, which of course can be life threatening. They usually end up saying things like “It just don’t feel the same” or “we are both consenting adults” or myself favourite… “ I trust him or her” .
For this sensation issue Trojan condoms have come up with their newest idea. Ultra-thin condoms for extra sensation . They aptly named it the Ecstasy. This revolutionary design is narrowed at the bottom, textured along the base and the head, and ultra-thin for that extra sensation. The general idea is that when using these kinds of condoms, you will not feel anything other than sensation.

With its tampered base, it allows the users much more room for movement and thus greater freedom. So men that feel the contraceptive device can be to constricting, they can now know that they can have freedom and still be secure. So it does not matter what you do or movement you may want to perform, you can be sure that it will not fall off.

The texture at the base ensure that the user will feel all the pleasure as if he is inside her without a any durex sleeve. The Trojan condom company believes in safe sex but they also want the user to feel all the sensation as if you don’t use any contraceptives.

Monday, 16 May 2011

The ins and outs of Condoms

Men wear condoms to prevent pregnancy or avoid contracting a sexual transmitted disease.  According to a number of studies, the condom does not allow any bad or good organism to move through a latex condom. In recent studies, condoms are almost 99% effective if used correctly. Even though some people say that using a contraceptive is not as effective than people using family plan methods. This of course makes no sense as family planning methods  would indicate that the user is planning to have a baby.

Latex condom stats

Condoms differ in size and thickness. Most condoms are about 0.3 to 0.8 in thickness. They should have no holes or not even microscopic size holes. Sperm has the ability to move through smaller spaces than 3 microns. Studies have noted that it's effectiveness changes greatly from country to country. Something else that has been mentioned is that married couples that would not want to get pregnant is more motivated to avoid un unwanted pregnancy and then make sure about the effectiveness of the contraceptive you use.

Condoms effective against STD’s

How effective is condoms against Std’s ? Condoms is relatively safe to use when avoiding std’s. If you using it long term, you can prevent yourself contracting aids. That said, people that suffer from disease like genital warts, herpes, or syphilis is much more likely to contract the disease even after wearing a anything.
Another studies done in Bangladesh, said that after wearing it for the first time, after the 3rd sexual experience they stop using any other form of contraceptive. In a place like Barbados, only 30% of men use something every time they have sex. This inconsistent use of condoms is very reason why they there is so much unwanted pregnancies.

It’s been noted that Insufficient  vaginal lubrication can lead to breakages. Longer foreplay can definitely help increase vaginal lubrication or if the need arise using a lubrication like K-Y Jelly. Some men and women do not know that using certain lubrication can actually damage the product. Any oil based product, skin lotions, petroleum jelly should be avoid at all cost when using a sheathlike covering.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sexual positions of the kamasutra and relationship techniques

Sex has been around since the beginning of time. For some sex has become an art. For example in the Hindu religion, depiction of sexual act was carved on the wall of their holy temples. The writer of the book “kamasutra” was a practicing Hindu and he made a point in the book to explain any sexual act in such a way to enhance its divine pleasure and lead him to enlightenment.  The kamasutra is not only seen as a book of lovemaking techniques but also how to book on Indian customs of that time.

Kama sutra manual as approximately 36 sections, these 36 sections is broken up in 7 distinct parts. You can almost say the book was written for specific male and females approaching either manhood or puberty. The books explain how the girl or guy should prepare themselves for marriage and ultimately their sex life. In the book each sexual position were given a name that represented a specific animal. For example one position would be called the dog… today such position is named doggy style.

The book has approximately 200 different sexual positions.  Many of the positions only differ slightly in position, which is why we speculate if these positions have any different result. According to the kamasutra each position however slightly enhance a different sexual feeling.  Users of these kamasutra poses have noted that some of the poses have to done by couples that is athletic.

Even though you can practice positions like doggy, standing or sitting but in most cases face to face position is preferred by newbie couples. For example the missionary position where the women would lie below the guy is probably the most used sexual position in the world. With this position the male and female can caress and kiss each other which is known to enhance lovemaking.

Even though it’s the most used position in the world, we do not necessary believe it’s the best position for women. Some men may be heavyset and in some cases the penis does not penetrate far enough. According to the kama sutra you should place some sort of cousin underneath the ladies buttocks which will allow the penis to reach that extra inch or 2.

Each sexual position is designed for a different purpose. For example some positions assist ejaculation inside the vagina which can lead to easy impregnation.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Drugs, Sex and Condoms

Drug abuse is usually the catalysts for men and women lives to spiral out of control. Money and your sanity are ruled by your new found friend. The more you use the more you need. With the use of drugs, men and women would contest that they sometimes partake in risky sexual behaviour. Of course having unprotected sex can lead to a number of problems. Un-wanted pregnancies or contracting a sexual transmitted disease. Even though doctors know of the facts and tend not scan their patients if they are under 18. This makes no sense because it’s a well-known fact that most people lose their virginity when they are teenagers and start to experimental sex while using drugs and alcohol.
The good news are that Test facilities now have the rights to test the young for the use of drugs or alcohol. The test can now be done within a few minutes, which mean no waiting.

Identify High risk Areas

These young people or area is then identified to be of high risk, these youngsters are known to partake in risky sexual behaviour. When we refer to risky sexual behaviour we talk about boys that don’t use condoms and girls that don’t indicate to the boy to use some sort of contraceptive like condoms. The group study also indicates that these high risk areas are known to partake in drugs and alcohol abuse. Risky sexual behaviour includes having sex with multiple sexual partners and also to have sex without a condom.

While studying one of these high risk area, the researchers found that those kids that tested positive to the use of drugs and alcohol were almost 40% more likely to not use a condom. With this information the governmental areas can target these areas in terms of educating them with the dangers of using drugs and alcohol abuse. They also can explain to these youngsters, where and how to use condoms.  Physicians have been noted to be the front line to recognize adolescents that may be using drugs or the abusing alcohol. In most cases these questions can be done in a private room at the clinic and does not necessarily have to be done in front of a parent.  In has been noted that some clinics would like to avoid these questions to their clientele if the parent is not earshot.