Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Condoms that feel like the real thing

During sex you would like to experience all that is good about sex, sensation like ecstasy, passion and need. An orgasm must be the most natural feeling you can experience without using a mind altering drug. For you to experience such passion, everything has to fall in place. But as we all know, having unprotected sex can lead to many different problems and diseases, thus the male use a condom to protect himself and his partner for the duration of their sexual experience. The Trojan brand condom company have noted that they definitely agree.

Ultra thin condoms

If you have experience sex without a condom, you may have notice that you feel much more sensation than when you are wearing something. For this reason many men and women believe they don’t necessarily like to put a condom on, which of course can be life threatening. They usually end up saying things like “It just don’t feel the same” or “we are both consenting adults” or myself favourite… “ I trust him or her” .
For this sensation issue Trojan condoms have come up with their newest idea. Ultra-thin condoms for extra sensation . They aptly named it the Ecstasy. This revolutionary design is narrowed at the bottom, textured along the base and the head, and ultra-thin for that extra sensation. The general idea is that when using these kinds of condoms, you will not feel anything other than sensation.

With its tampered base, it allows the users much more room for movement and thus greater freedom. So men that feel the contraceptive device can be to constricting, they can now know that they can have freedom and still be secure. So it does not matter what you do or movement you may want to perform, you can be sure that it will not fall off.

The texture at the base ensure that the user will feel all the pleasure as if he is inside her without a any durex sleeve. The Trojan condom company believes in safe sex but they also want the user to feel all the sensation as if you don’t use any contraceptives.

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