Monday, 16 May 2011

The ins and outs of Condoms

Men wear condoms to prevent pregnancy or avoid contracting a sexual transmitted disease.  According to a number of studies, the condom does not allow any bad or good organism to move through a latex condom. In recent studies, condoms are almost 99% effective if used correctly. Even though some people say that using a contraceptive is not as effective than people using family plan methods. This of course makes no sense as family planning methods  would indicate that the user is planning to have a baby.

Latex condom stats

Condoms differ in size and thickness. Most condoms are about 0.3 to 0.8 in thickness. They should have no holes or not even microscopic size holes. Sperm has the ability to move through smaller spaces than 3 microns. Studies have noted that it's effectiveness changes greatly from country to country. Something else that has been mentioned is that married couples that would not want to get pregnant is more motivated to avoid un unwanted pregnancy and then make sure about the effectiveness of the contraceptive you use.

Condoms effective against STD’s

How effective is condoms against Std’s ? Condoms is relatively safe to use when avoiding std’s. If you using it long term, you can prevent yourself contracting aids. That said, people that suffer from disease like genital warts, herpes, or syphilis is much more likely to contract the disease even after wearing a anything.
Another studies done in Bangladesh, said that after wearing it for the first time, after the 3rd sexual experience they stop using any other form of contraceptive. In a place like Barbados, only 30% of men use something every time they have sex. This inconsistent use of condoms is very reason why they there is so much unwanted pregnancies.

It’s been noted that Insufficient  vaginal lubrication can lead to breakages. Longer foreplay can definitely help increase vaginal lubrication or if the need arise using a lubrication like K-Y Jelly. Some men and women do not know that using certain lubrication can actually damage the product. Any oil based product, skin lotions, petroleum jelly should be avoid at all cost when using a sheathlike covering.

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