Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The most popular male sex toys

sex toy for a guy
Male sex toys have never been such a favourite among men, but in the last 20 years the male sex toy industry has gained massive popularity in the sex toy market. From its humble beginnings, the male sex toy have increase with such velocity that this segment of the market is actually having an effect on sales in the female adult novelty industry. Adult novelties have always been a female product, but with advancement in technology and manufacturing of materials like super-skin or flesh like, these toys can now feel exactly like the real thing. Checkout our lifelike sex toys  It also been found that male toys sales have gone up because of males not feeling sex toy is such bad thing anymore. They have opened up on the idea that they are sexual creatures and they should be comfortable with their own sexuality that said it will probably take a couple of years before all men think this way. Couple adult toys that benefit both parties have also been found to be a firm favourite among users.

For instance the cock ring is still considered the most used male adult toys on the market today Each of these product are made from a different material. The manufactures usually use either silicone or stainless steel. The users have to make a choice what kind of feel he would like.

This device is placed at the base of the man’s penis. This ensures that the penis is much more firmer and longer. We do advise that when using the cock rings the user should only use it for a limited of time. Not more than 20 minutes at a time.
The vibrating cock is a exciting advancement to the normal cock ring. With this extra extension on the front of the cock ring, the user can now place a small vibrator. This extra toy will vibrate while the user of the cock ring is placing his penis inside of the vagina. While thrusting, the vibe will stimulate the clitoral area of the female genitalia. So this toy does not only keep the male penis stronger for longer but also enhance stimulation of the female clit area.
The penis sleeves are another favourite toy among men. These sleeves have become increasingly popular among men. The sleeve resembles a female mouth, vagina or anus. The most favourite brands at the moment are the Fleshlight Series and the Tenga Series. The manufactures have noted that the best lubrication for these products is water based.

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