Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Female pleasure: The rabbit vibrator

bunnyWhen you define the sentence “the best sex toy in the world“. Like most things in the world, you will find that special product out there that everybody sees as the best of all. This question of course is very hard to define in the so called “adult novelty gadget industry”. But we have to say that the rabbit vibe is either the best toy out there for female users or it definitely comes close. This special adult toy was first developed for women that enjoy both virginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time. It became well known when the sex toy was mentioned in television programs like Sex in the city.

The vibrating ears send pleasure sensations to the user. When in used it looks almost exactly the same as a normal vibrator but with one slight difference. At the base of the product you will find two ears that resemble bunny ears. While in use, these 2 ears secure itself around the clit and then vibrates. The rest of the vibrator is then inserted into the vagina. The vibe has controls at the base of the product. Thus if you want the ears to vibrate faster or slower you will be able with the touch of a button.

The rabbit vibe comes in a multitude of sizes and styles, which we believe will suit any women anywhere. Each vibe was designed for a specific reason. Every woman is different thus each women private are also different. Some of the bunny sex toy has large centre parts, while other toys have small target areas to target the g-spot.

Since the inception of the bunny vibrators, new designs have seen the light.  For example some sex toy manufactures have made smaller version of the rabbit vibrator that only target the clitoris. This toy does almost everything their biggest counterparts can do. The only difference has to be that they are not as powerful as their bigger brothers. So if you are looking for some easy to use bunny vibe that can fit into your handbag you may want to look at the small version rabbit vibe.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vibrators and More

The vibrator has always been a firm favourite among many women. The original classic vibrator were made for vaginal or anal penetration. It usually in the shape of a male penis, with a straight shaft.
Each woman is unique, but still the same in some regards. Women tend to have different preferences regarding choosing the so called perfect vibe. In some cases some enjoy the move advance vibe, with hundreds of settings and buttons for any occasion, while other females enjoy the simple classic vibrator. Most women have noted that they usually go for sex toys that are not to noisy, thus they usually opt to buy a toy that is discreet – noise and size.
If you are older than 35 you have purchase a sybian before, you most probably bought a classic vibrator. Even though they are seen now as out-dated, they definitely still do the job .
The clit cuddler is a well-known clit vibrator. Its whole design of this toy was to enhance vibration on the clitoral area of the women’s genital area. The front part of the “curt cuddler” is slightly bend and shaped like a spoon, this part “cuddle” ,the women’s clit and can bring quick intense, electrifying orgasms. Most women have noted that this toy will bring you immense ecstasy.

The vibrating dildo also known as the penis shaped vibe. The whole idea of the vibrating dildo is shaped like a penis, comes in a smooth texture and has the ability to vibrate. You as the user would normally see a control panel at the bottom of the vibe where you can adjust speed and vibrations to maximise your experience. Some vibrating dildos come with a curve head which enable the user to find the illusive gspot. These classic vibrators will definitely be a hit for those women that seek that extra sensation that they may have been missing out on.

Some dildo vibes also come with sleeves. Basically these sleeves can be inserted of slides over the original casing. These sleeves are generally made from silicone or another soft material. So essentially with these shafts you can now have multiple classic vibrators all in one. Try different materials, so you can tickle yourself in so many different exciting ways.
If this toy does not sound like a good idea, you will definitely lose out on millions of different sensations.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Enhance love life with dildos

You can increase your love life with dildos. Increasing your sexual pleasure by finding that special huge dildo. Many women love the huge dildo, some even mentioning that they use they carry dildos with them to places like work or events. When ask why, they usually reply that they don’t actually know. It just feel sexy to know that they can get off anytime they want, anywhere they want. Some of these toys have vibrating and non-vibrating attachments. When manufacturers built a dong, they usually use the shape of an erect penis. This shape resembles sexiness and a feeling of need. With this tool the user can now satisfy themselves.

Huge dildo's is made for anal and vaginal penetration. If you go back in history you will find that these toys has been around for almost 200 years. Of course those toy were generally made for stone and as time went on stone turned into softer materials like wood. Today these toys have advanced to material like latex and rubber. We believe that some toys will later evolve to material like real skin. These toys will not only resemble a clone of a penis but later start to feel literally like the real thing. General consensus among men is that women only use these toys on their vagina, but some women have noted that they rather enjoy using the toys on their anus. The fullness of the anal probe ensure sensations they will not feel normally and for those that would like to enjoy double penetration, can now do it safely without needing another partner in the sex play.
The huge dong has many sizes and colours. You may want a black dong for yourself as you may want the feeling of black man between your legs. Sizes differ from user to user. Some women prefer the huge big dongs. Feeling like their being invaded can be very sexy for some. With these tool they can now experience sensation that they normally would not be able to feel.

The market has grown into the second largest sex toy market at this time. New designs include vibrator inside the dildo, or inflatable types (so you adjust it size when its inside him or her), or for some cup suction types.
The double ended dong is preferred by lesbian women. With this awesome sex tool, both partners can now penetrate each other. These dildo's is long enough to penetrate both partner. After finding their rhythm they will start to enjoy stimulating each other.

After use you should always sterilize it with hot water if the product permits. You may even want to buy yourself some antibacterial lube to ensure that the product does not have any unseen bacteria or diseases.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Spiritual enlightenment with the Kamasutra

kamasutra pictures
For many centuries sex have been seen as a kind of art form. In almost all religions in the world … sex is displayed and analyzed. Even in some ancient temples sexual positions is displayed on the walls of the buildings. Various of sexual positions are displayed in the book of kamasutra. The kamasutra was written for men and women that would like to reach celestial pleasure and enlightenment. The kama sutra book is all about sexual positions and how to perform like a husband and thus achieve a higher sense of being.
Kama sutra has 36 different chapters, broken up in 7 parts. Each of these parts discusses a specific field of life. Even though most people think the kamasutra is just about sex and how to perform sexual this is totally un true. The sexual positions are only mentioned in one chapter of the book while the rest of the book concentrates on spiritual wellbeing. The kama sutra were given to men and women before they get married, so they can read a manual on how to be the perfect husband or wife. The sexual positions in the book were given specific names that resemble animals and celestial movement of that time. For instance some positions are the cow, horse or dog.

Kamasutra lovemaking positions

The book contains almost 200 different love making positions. Some of the positions do not differ much in design but is seen as a different position in the book of kama sutra.

We believe that these positions not only increase sexual excitement but also increase sexual pleasure. Having sex in one position all the time can make sex a mechanical job which is not good for anybodies relationship. Different sexual positions explained in the kamasutra can also increase the change of conception., increase male and female libido, stamina, potency and performance. Also another benefit from having sex in different positions can keep the users fit, strong and supple.

When men and women like to conceive a baby, it is imperative for the mom and father to be, to find a way increase their changes of conceiving. Positioning themselves appropriately can defnitly increase they changes off conceiving. For example specific kamasutra positions which help ejaculation in the core of the vagina that helps the sperm cell to infiltrate into the uterus forthwith.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Young guys need adult dvd’s

blue movies
Whenever guys are together they tend to talk about sex and life. Sometime they stories turn to areas when they did stuff for the very first time. For instance when they first had sex or when hair started to grow on the balls or when they did they first cigarettes.  Another favorite topic has always been when they started to masturbate or when they got their first adult dvd.

The story usually goes around from when they got the adult dvd or movie from a friend that found the dvd or movie in their father stash. He would then explain how he watch that movie probably 50 times month, that at some stage the movie got corrupted or dvd got scratch from over use. 

These days getting an porn dvd is not such a big thing anymore. If you are older than 18 years of age, you can now buy xxx dvd or toys online at any time of the day. Wait for a few days and your parcel will be delivered to your door. Buying online has many additional extras and benefits. For instance when buying from an adult dvd shop you may notice that they only have a limited amount of adult dvds or toys. When you go online your choice goes up dramatically. So if you looking for a limited edition adult dvd or you have special niche movies, then you should look for it online. Local stores may be more prevalent for dvd’s that were just made a couple a months ago, but if you looking for a special niche market for example Bondage movies or Tranny dvd’s you definitely need to go online. Another added bonus is that buying online is very secure and discreet, thus if you feel weird walking into a sex toy store and you don’t want feel that you are being watched by the owners or ogled by some old man in a trench coat.
All adult movies are set to Region 0 which basically means it can be played on any dvd player in the world.  All our products like adult DVD's are made for men and women that would like to improve their sex play. Our first line catalog is more a library of DVD's that explains certain sexual movements and procedures. For instance you can buy a DVD that explain to women how to perform oral sex on a man or for men that would to know how to have anal sex.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Traditional male sex toys

japenese male adult toy
Everybody knows that sex toys were first introduced for women. Men were not considered to have any problems in the masturbation department thus there was no need for sex toys manufactures to build anything for them. But times have definitely changed. Technology in the last decade and the need for men to experience different sexual sensations have brought a tiny revolution to the sex toys industry.  Adult toys for men also have risen in approval. Some men have noted that they have figured out that male adult toys can be extremely useful in their sex lives. Gone are the days for men to jerk off and move on. Sex toys marketers have revealed that men are looking for something extra and thus are constantly trying out the newest invention.

Traditionally the cock ring is the most well known in male sex toy circles. Worn on the base of the member. The main objective for a cock ring is not to allow blood to flow out of the penis. The male penis will then much thicker, longer and in with some men you would be able to last longer. Thus if you are experience premature ejaculation you may want to think about using such a toy. This is usually made from rubber or silicone. The newer version of the male cock ring has extras where you can place an vibrator on top of the adult toy. While you are having sex, the tiny vibrator will stimulate the women’s clitoris.  In most cases enjoy this very much.

The penis pump has to be one of the first male sex toys / improvement devices known to man. The user places his member inside a cylinder shape device, he then pump air in which causes a vacuum inside. This makes the penis enlarge more than it normal erection size. For a limited time your penis will be much bigger than normal.  You can even place a cock ring at the base which will ensure that no blood escape and thus you should be able to perform sexually with a bigger penis.

The anal sex toy for men were built so men can enjoy the feel of stimulating their anal passage or better known as the male g-spot. When we refer to the g spot, we speak of the prostate gland. When this part of the male body is stimulated, the male will experience sensation that he may not have known off before. The anal toy is made from silicone and come in every size you can think of.