Monday, 13 June 2011

Spiritual enlightenment with the Kamasutra

kamasutra pictures
For many centuries sex have been seen as a kind of art form. In almost all religions in the world … sex is displayed and analyzed. Even in some ancient temples sexual positions is displayed on the walls of the buildings. Various of sexual positions are displayed in the book of kamasutra. The kamasutra was written for men and women that would like to reach celestial pleasure and enlightenment. The kama sutra book is all about sexual positions and how to perform like a husband and thus achieve a higher sense of being.
Kama sutra has 36 different chapters, broken up in 7 parts. Each of these parts discusses a specific field of life. Even though most people think the kamasutra is just about sex and how to perform sexual this is totally un true. The sexual positions are only mentioned in one chapter of the book while the rest of the book concentrates on spiritual wellbeing. The kama sutra were given to men and women before they get married, so they can read a manual on how to be the perfect husband or wife. The sexual positions in the book were given specific names that resemble animals and celestial movement of that time. For instance some positions are the cow, horse or dog.

Kamasutra lovemaking positions

The book contains almost 200 different love making positions. Some of the positions do not differ much in design but is seen as a different position in the book of kama sutra.

We believe that these positions not only increase sexual excitement but also increase sexual pleasure. Having sex in one position all the time can make sex a mechanical job which is not good for anybodies relationship. Different sexual positions explained in the kamasutra can also increase the change of conception., increase male and female libido, stamina, potency and performance. Also another benefit from having sex in different positions can keep the users fit, strong and supple.

When men and women like to conceive a baby, it is imperative for the mom and father to be, to find a way increase their changes of conceiving. Positioning themselves appropriately can defnitly increase they changes off conceiving. For example specific kamasutra positions which help ejaculation in the core of the vagina that helps the sperm cell to infiltrate into the uterus forthwith.

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