Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vibrators and More

The vibrator has always been a firm favourite among many women. The original classic vibrator were made for vaginal or anal penetration. It usually in the shape of a male penis, with a straight shaft.
Each woman is unique, but still the same in some regards. Women tend to have different preferences regarding choosing the so called perfect vibe. In some cases some enjoy the move advance vibe, with hundreds of settings and buttons for any occasion, while other females enjoy the simple classic vibrator. Most women have noted that they usually go for sex toys that are not to noisy, thus they usually opt to buy a toy that is discreet – noise and size.
If you are older than 35 you have purchase a sybian before, you most probably bought a classic vibrator. Even though they are seen now as out-dated, they definitely still do the job .
The clit cuddler is a well-known clit vibrator. Its whole design of this toy was to enhance vibration on the clitoral area of the women’s genital area. The front part of the “curt cuddler” is slightly bend and shaped like a spoon, this part “cuddle” ,the women’s clit and can bring quick intense, electrifying orgasms. Most women have noted that this toy will bring you immense ecstasy.

The vibrating dildo also known as the penis shaped vibe. The whole idea of the vibrating dildo is shaped like a penis, comes in a smooth texture and has the ability to vibrate. You as the user would normally see a control panel at the bottom of the vibe where you can adjust speed and vibrations to maximise your experience. Some vibrating dildos come with a curve head which enable the user to find the illusive gspot. These classic vibrators will definitely be a hit for those women that seek that extra sensation that they may have been missing out on.

Some dildo vibes also come with sleeves. Basically these sleeves can be inserted of slides over the original casing. These sleeves are generally made from silicone or another soft material. So essentially with these shafts you can now have multiple classic vibrators all in one. Try different materials, so you can tickle yourself in so many different exciting ways.
If this toy does not sound like a good idea, you will definitely lose out on millions of different sensations.

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