Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Kamasutra or Tannic Sex

tantric sex
There are a number of books out there on the Karma Sutra. I myself have a wide collection of books dealing with sex and sexual positions. One of my favorites is a book written by Nik Douglas, the author of Sexual Secrets. In this book he explains a number of techniques and sexual positions that have personally helped me in my sexual encounters. One of them is called the Yab-Yum. Loosely translated, the Yab means father and the Yum means mother. It is the Indian version of yin-yang. It is more of a mental or spiritual position meaning that both you and your partner are equals and what you and your partner are doing is a beautiful thing.

The Yab–Yum is a very close and intimate position. It starts with the male sitting down on the ground firmly with his legs crossed while the female sits on top of him with her legs wrapping around her back and her feet crossing just behind his behind. This promotes a closeness with your partner as she can move very easily on top of you giving her more control while hold her partner in her arms. You and your partner not hold each other only for support but it keeps the heart centered and is a very good position for the spine.

The upright position versus horizontal makes for easier thrusting and rocking to and fro while the women’s g-spot gets stimulated more easily. This gives her a heightened sexual experience and sex she will not forget very easily. This position also helps to keep the male from thrusting to deep into the female which can sometimes cause discomfort for the female. 

A good variation to this position is if the male sits on the edge of the bed or perhaps on a chair while the female then sits on top of him once again. This helps if either the women is slightly larger than the male or if you have a bad posture or lower back problems and is also easier on the legs.

Then for those who are more limber the female could try leaning backwards towards the floor which creates more friction helps both you and your partner to climax faster. If you need more friction both you and your partner could try leaning backwards. This takes a lot of practice and you need to be very limber.

This is just one of the positions in the many books available but all of them promote a healthier sex life and intimacy between you and your partner.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The new man's best friend – The Fleshlight

The dog may have its run for its money. The Fleshlight is said to be the mans new best friend. Statistics have shown that it is vastly growing to be the number one selling sex toy among men. The Fleshlight is so named for its fleshy type of material that it is made out of. No-one knows exactly what it is made from but when you feel it, it actually feels like the real thing. The material is housed in an oversized flashlight looking design. Thus the users decided to call it the Fleshlight. This male masturbation sleeve comes in a number of moulds. You can have one that looks like the vagina, mouth or even anus. But the texture in each design is remarkable.

The patent for the Fleshlight was issued to a Steven Shubin in 1998. The device was then named for a device for the collection of semen in a discreet manner. When he was creating the “device” he said to have thought to himself that “if a woman has her own type of “penis” then why cannot a guy.” He created at first to be in the mold of a vagina, but has thus perfected his other brands. Now a days you can even have one of these male sleeves made to the mould of your favourite porn star.

 All we know about the material is that it is said to be made up of phthalate-free medical grade polymers. The inside however is not made from conventional sex toy materials like silicone, plastic or latex. The inside material to this day is said to be a company secret and would not even give us a hint to what it might be. All we do know about the products inner material is that it is only suitable with use of water, oil or soap based lubricants. If the replica vagina is not used correctly it is very easily damage when using other lubricants.

In 2008 a line of Fleshlight was released called Fleshlight Girls. This was a specific brand with the inner moulds made out of those of your favourite porn stars. To mention a few there are Lupe Fuentes, Tera Patrick, Stoya, Riley Steele, Stoya, Katsuni, Jenna Haze, Tori Black, Teagan Presley, Eva Angelina, Jesse Jane, Lupe Fuentes, Misty Stone and Katsuni. They are all available at your nearest sex toy shop or on your favorite male adult toy website. Find which one works for you and enjoy.

Monday, 11 July 2011

10 Ways for getting the most out of your sex toys

It is a known fact that me people fantasies about each other. May it be men watching women or even women watching men, there is no limit to lengths that the imagination can go. Whether it is on your own or with your partner, the tips below will ensure that you get the most out of your adult toys.
  1. Firstly always keep your sex toys on the ready. Meaning that not only must they be fully charged and ready to go but always try to keep to the storage and care instructions from the manufacturer. There is nothing worse than getting half way through your session and your toys run out of juice or break.
  2. Never ever “pre-heat” your dildo in the microwave. This not only causes your dong to “were and tear” easily but some dildos have a liquid in them that could leak out and cause injury.
  3. Some women prefer to use curved dildos. This ensures proper penetration and better g-spot penetration.
  4. Longer is always better when buying a dildo that is going to be used in a strap on device such as a harness because you loose about an inch while “strapped in.”
  5.  Ladies, what’s good for you may also be good for your partner. Experiment a little. Try stroking your vibrator up and down his penis. You night just find something you both really enjoy. Share your adult novelties don’t just keep them for yourself.
  6. Suction cup dongs leave your hands free to wonder other places.
  7. Why not try some of the high tech intercourse toys. Such as the remote control vibrators. Insert, and go for a walk. Pleasure anytime anywhere and gone are the “bad days.”
  8. Waterproof adult toys. Need I say more?
  9. Glass dill. The only way to break them is to drop them. So don’t. If you do always be sure to check it for shards or splinters. But it may be a good idea to buy a new one.
  10. Ladies, now the whole dong and your boyfriend story. We all know how it goes, Look at that thing! Am not good enough for you?” We all know that men think more with their penis than they do with their brain. So before you buy one, talk to him. Broaden his mind to fact that it might be sexier than he thinks it would be and it’s got nothing to do with the size of his “manhood” but something that you want to explore with him.
I could go on and on but it’s up to you to experiment. Remember the mind is full of ideas. Communication is absolute key in any relationship, so talk to your partner about using sex toys. Not only will it bring you closer sexually but emotionally too.