Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vegetarians are erectile dysfunction Free

Yes its true… Men who tend to not eat meat are known not to suffer from erectile dysfunction.  Studies have shown that men who are devoted vegetarians have almost no erectile dysfunction issues.  Removing non-vegetarian items from your diet have shown to decrease cholesterol, type two diabetes and lung and colorectal cancer. Not only does it help you sexually but also increase you immunity against normal every flu and viral infections.  The foods in vegetarian diets are known to be digested easily and the male should not have any issues with indigestion. Studies though the years have also shown that men and women seem to live longer when they on a vegetarian diet.

Comparing Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians

In a complete study 200 men of all ages were chosen. 100 of these men were devoted vegetarians and 100 were non-vegetarians. According to this study only 12 men in the vegetarian group were have issues sexually. In the non-vegetarian group 48 men were suffering from erectile dysfunction. These men who were having issues were asked to follow a vegetarian diet. They were closely monitored for a whole month. It was found that men 60% of these men were not experiencing any impotence at the end of that month. In most cases their cholesterol levels were halved.

Red Meat = Cholesterol

Men eating red meat are known to be high in cholesterol. Red meat contains high amount of fat which when ingested by the body end up in the arteries and veins of the human body. This can lead to issues among men as the blood cannot get to certain places in the body that is vital in everyday life. One of these places is the groin area. For a man to get an erection he needs blood to flow to his penis and thus create an erection. If there is no blood he cannot get or sustain an erection. Obese men are usually are known to suffer from ED. Women have also mention that these men usually don’t have the stamina to keep up and usually loses their erection very quickly during or after sex. This leads to an unsatisfactory sexual experience.

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