Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tenga Male Sextoy

If you are buying a sex toy and you looking for something different you may want to try out the male sex toy line called Tenga. Has been named the future of adult toys for males. Built and manufactured in Japan, the Tenga sex toy line is considered the most sold popular adult toy of the east. When unwrapping the tool you will immediately think that this toy does not look at all like a sex toy, in fact in some cases the toy resembles a shampoo bottle.

At last count this adult product has sold over 2 million in Japan, not to mention the world. Some observers have even mentioned that these male toys are even sold in public spaces and if you really need one urgently you can buy it from a Sexual Wellness vending machine.

The Tenga line has 9 different types of makes, each designed for optimal sexual satisfaction. Each of the designs is slightly different from each other, so each of the choices are unique. The products are made from silicone which would indicate that the adult novelty toy can be used in various safe ways. When products are made from silicone, we urge the users to only use water based products when using the toy. Using oil based or silicone based lube can have a negative effect on the material of the Tenga male sex toy. Checkout the following toys .

After use you as the user should clean the product by simply running water through the product. Allow it to dry and it will be as new the next you would like to use it. This product come in a discreet package and if spotted by one of your friends they would not recognize this product as a sex toy as it does not resemble anything like the normal male toys that you would found on toysex market

So for guys looking for that special sex toy you can use in the privacy of your own, don’t wait a minute longer. The Tenga series is waiting for you.

Monday, 25 February 2013

What is a Sex-Toy

A sex toy is a object that are used by men and women to assist in enhancing sexual pleasure. In most cases a sex toy resembles the genitals from either the women or the man. In some cases the toy vibrates which are known to enhance you or your partner’s sexual experience.  The word adult toy describe a multiple of toys on the market today for example the vibrator, dildo, bondage gear(BDSM apparatuses), anal toys, vagina and masturbator sleeves ect…

Some people describe adult toys as marital toys or marital aid, although this word can be used in a broader sense. It can describe other products like sexual drugs like Viagra or herbal Viagra. These pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction (impotence) or men that just would like to enhance or prolong their sexual appetite.

Explain vibrator sex-toys

Vibrators are devices designed to enhance and stimulate a women’s genitalia. As the name suggest the vibrator vibrates. The vibrations stimulate a woman far easier than normal methods.
A vibrator usually measure between 12 and 18  centimetres(5 and 7 inches) from end to end  and 2 to 5 centimetres(1 inches to 2 inches) broad.  These numbers mimics the size of an average to large penis.

Anal vibrators are designed to use in the anus. For males the sex toy is inserted in the rectum to stimulate the prostate (male G-spot). For women the anal vibrator gives a woman the feeling of fullness.

The G-spot vibrator has been specifically designed for the indented purpose to stimulate the women’s gpot inside her vagina. This apparatus is curled at one end to assist stimulus of female gspot.
Bullet vibrators are small bullet shaped vibrators that can be used for direct stimulation by your own or your partner’s hand.

The clitoral stimulation vibrators were first used for back massaging but now are being used for clitoral stimulation. Most of these to clit sex toys are powered directly from the plug.

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Since adult novelty toys became wide stream, the rabbit vibrator must the most talk about adult toy out there. It was designed to be inserted into the female vagina but also stimulate clitoris area at the same time. Depending on its make, these toys come now with extra functionality including rotation, internal beads, thrusting action and even different vibes.

The newest sex toys to hit the market is the luxury vibes. These vibes is designed for intense focus on design and the use of materials considered precious.  There is also an increase in price.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bondage gear – The art of flogging

If you are reading this you most probably interest in bondage gear or the art of flogging.  Flogging has been around for thousands of years but only recently that couples have tried it out to enhance their sex life. If you are into bondage then you most probably have used or tried out a flogger on yourself or your partner.

BDSM partners have noted that every good sadist must have at least 2 floggers in his cupboard, as the flogger is seen as one of the key components when users practice BDSM.
When using a flogger for the first time you as the user or receiver should treat the device with caution. Not only can this bondage gear product give hours of fun but could also damage the users body if not use correctly.

We will explain all the safety issues involve using such a sex toy but we need to emphasized that the users need to take extreme caution if you don’t know what such a toy will do to your “slave”
I will now explain the different kind of flogger that is available in a bondage gear shop. A normal flogger has 2 distinct parts. One part with a hard grip attached to some kind of soft substance that we call the business end of the stick. The flogger is made from various materials. Leather is a firm favorite among users. The leather is soft to the touch. You can of course use different leathers, some are made from Elk, moose or Buffalo.

Another favourite has to be rubber. Most bondage gear material is made from rubber which is why most people believe that bondage gear is more for couples that enjoy so called Dark Sex. Chain is another material used when making a flogger. Not so well known but used by more extreme users and definitely made for first time users.

After choosing your flogger you need to think what sensation you may want your “slave” to feel.  The submissive may not enjoy it but that the point is it not.

After choosing your flogger, you need to decide the look and feel of the toy. The width determines the sensation. The thinner the tail the more sting the product will have on your victim. The more tails attached to the toy determines the sting. The general rule is that the more tails it has, the less the sting has. Most user go for a 16 – 24 inch flogger, but this all can be determined by the user.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Gay Sex toys

Is there such a thing as gay sex toys? Thinking about it, I would say yes, but it does not necessarily mean these sex toys can only be used by gay men. Using a so called gay adult toy does not automatically mean you are gay or want to be gay. When we refer to gay sex toys were usually refer to toy where the anus stimulated and toy creates a feeling of fullness in the anal passage. Gay couples have mentioned that they generally like the dildos more than the vibrators.

We believe that dildos is in the shape of a male penis, thus they perform and feel almost exactly like the real thing. That said there is multiple vibrator tools that were designed to stimulate the prostate gland in men.

The Butt plug is another toy that can be considered as a gay tool even though most its users is definitely not gay. Gay couples have the tendency to start out with butt plugs as they first adult toy. Usually they tend to also include anal beads, where they can experiment in their own house or apartment. We advise that if you are gay and would like to become sexually active with another male, we definitely advise that experiment with dildos, butt plugs and anal beads beforehand. You will then be able to understand your own body and what sort of needs you may have.
Cock rings can definitely not be considered gay sex toy but have been told by multiple suppliers that these toys have been a firm favourite among gay men. Read More on your favourite "gay" adult toy

Bondage gear among gay users has been known to increase among certain gay men. In fact in the last 5 years more bondage gear has been sold to the gay community than any other sex toy sold to straight men and women combined. So no wonder adult novelty manufactures is targeting gay men as a prime target for selling their goods.

Rubber whips has always been firm favourite among some men. These whips are known to be safe for both users. It’s known to provide just the amount of pain to perform sexually.
Other bondage gear includes paddles, masks, latex bodysuits and even cuffs for those who looking for something kinky.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lelo Female Sex-toy

The Lelo sex toys can offer a women years and years of vast amounts of enjoyment. Depending on your taste the lelo range comes in inspirational and inventive designs. The exclusive sex toy range has a multitude of amazing offers and selections.  Lelo is a Swedish born company with humble beginnings. They manufacturer vibrators and other stylish sex toys for the general public to use solo or  in conjunction with your partner. These adult vibes are known to arouse women and make them orgasm repeatedly. The Lelo manufactures have noted because of the sexy design these products have also become awesome gift idea for your better half.

Lelo rechargeable vibes

Most vibrators use batteries but adult toy range comes with rechargeable batteries. You most probably fed up with buying new batteries every month, but now you buy the super range rechargeable vibes. Even though these products may be a little more expensive than other, we have to say it definitely worth it. Rechargeable vibrators from Lelo personal massagers is among  the most popular choices like the Iris vibe or the Lelo Live vibe.

The Iris vibe is shapely, attractive sex toy. Its main purpose is to stimulate the g-spot. It can be purchase from our online database at .
The Gigi vibrator is an gorgeous looking smallish vibe. Also its main purpose is to excite the gspot. It’s also can be used by couples while having sex.
The Live personal Massager  is a sophisticated rechargeable vibe. A very nice idea to buy as a gift. Women use it as a toy while masturbating and also used by couples during sex.
The Elise vibe is one the most popular vibes out there. This toy has the ability to stimulate both the clitoris and g-spot.
The Nea personal Massager is made from a porcelain like substance. This toy is in particular good for beginners that would like to explore their bodies.
The Mia was made for use in the clitoral area. A nice choice for beginners and couples. Its comes in pink.

When first seeing a lelo product you will immediately be impressed by the design and how stylish and sophisticated they are. Its been noted by users that they are a bit more expensive than your normal adult toy but most of these users are in agreement that this exclusive range is definitely worth their price.  

It does not matter if you are a beginner or expert in sex toys. The Lelo range has got it all. Checkout the whole range by clicking on the link.