Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tenga Male Sextoy

If you are buying a sex toy and you looking for something different you may want to try out the male sex toy line called Tenga. Has been named the future of adult toys for males. Built and manufactured in Japan, the Tenga sex toy line is considered the most sold popular adult toy of the east. When unwrapping the tool you will immediately think that this toy does not look at all like a sex toy, in fact in some cases the toy resembles a shampoo bottle.

At last count this adult product has sold over 2 million in Japan, not to mention the world. Some observers have even mentioned that these male toys are even sold in public spaces and if you really need one urgently you can buy it from a Sexual Wellness vending machine.

The Tenga line has 9 different types of makes, each designed for optimal sexual satisfaction. Each of the designs is slightly different from each other, so each of the choices are unique. The products are made from silicone which would indicate that the adult novelty toy can be used in various safe ways. When products are made from silicone, we urge the users to only use water based products when using the toy. Using oil based or silicone based lube can have a negative effect on the material of the Tenga male sex toy. Checkout the following toys .

After use you as the user should clean the product by simply running water through the product. Allow it to dry and it will be as new the next you would like to use it. This product come in a discreet package and if spotted by one of your friends they would not recognize this product as a sex toy as it does not resemble anything like the normal male toys that you would found on toysex market

So for guys looking for that special sex toy you can use in the privacy of your own, don’t wait a minute longer. The Tenga series is waiting for you.