Monday, 25 February 2013

What is a Sex-Toy

A sex toy is a object that are used by men and women to assist in enhancing sexual pleasure. In most cases a sex toy resembles the genitals from either the women or the man. In some cases the toy vibrates which are known to enhance you or your partner’s sexual experience.  The word adult toy describe a multiple of toys on the market today for example the vibrator, dildo, bondage gear(BDSM apparatuses), anal toys, vagina and masturbator sleeves ect…

Some people describe adult toys as marital toys or marital aid, although this word can be used in a broader sense. It can describe other products like sexual drugs like Viagra or herbal Viagra. These pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction (impotence) or men that just would like to enhance or prolong their sexual appetite.

Explain vibrator sex-toys

Vibrators are devices designed to enhance and stimulate a women’s genitalia. As the name suggest the vibrator vibrates. The vibrations stimulate a woman far easier than normal methods.
A vibrator usually measure between 12 and 18  centimetres(5 and 7 inches) from end to end  and 2 to 5 centimetres(1 inches to 2 inches) broad.  These numbers mimics the size of an average to large penis.

Anal vibrators are designed to use in the anus. For males the sex toy is inserted in the rectum to stimulate the prostate (male G-spot). For women the anal vibrator gives a woman the feeling of fullness.

The G-spot vibrator has been specifically designed for the indented purpose to stimulate the women’s gpot inside her vagina. This apparatus is curled at one end to assist stimulus of female gspot.
Bullet vibrators are small bullet shaped vibrators that can be used for direct stimulation by your own or your partner’s hand.

The clitoral stimulation vibrators were first used for back massaging but now are being used for clitoral stimulation. Most of these to clit sex toys are powered directly from the plug.

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Since adult novelty toys became wide stream, the rabbit vibrator must the most talk about adult toy out there. It was designed to be inserted into the female vagina but also stimulate clitoris area at the same time. Depending on its make, these toys come now with extra functionality including rotation, internal beads, thrusting action and even different vibes.

The newest sex toys to hit the market is the luxury vibes. These vibes is designed for intense focus on design and the use of materials considered precious.  There is also an increase in price.