Monday, 18 March 2013

Where can I buy the cheapest Fleshlight?

male masturbating toy
Well you can buy it from Sextoyland of course! Sextoyland stock the whole fleshlight series. From A – Z . The series has grown from one known product to almost 30 different makes and choices in the last 2 years. The best place to purchase a male masturbator has to be a trusted and secure website. For those who think you can buy a fleshlight from one of the inferior websites, will only realize after they receive the product that they may have bought a Chinese replica clone.

Fleshlight Girl Series

If you are bored with your existing masturbation sleeve you may want to invest into the new brand of these Super Suckers called “Fleshlight Girls” . These male sex toys have been sculpted using famous Porn stars like Brooke Skye, Raven Riley, Lia 19, Kat Young, Riley Steele, Lupe Fuentes, Katsuni, Riley Steele . The manufacturers have taken the genital shape of these well-known porn stars and made clones of their privates. But that not all … After buying one of these toys you also receive a personalized photograph and adult-dvd featuring that specific porn star of your choice. We believe this is an amazing deal, and definitely the sexual Wooma you need to get you going.

Unknowingly to most people, these days you can build your own fleshlight with all the trimmings. You choices include choosing your own color and inserts. Inserts include the wonder-wave or the speed bump, or every bodies favorite the super tight and ultra tight and for some weird sensations … the super ribbed. The Super Tight and ultra-tight is a definite favorite among men that like enjoy anal sex. If you don’t want to build your own you also go for the most sold male sex toy ever… The Pink Lady.

Users have mentioned that the best fleshlight-girl at the moment has to the Lotus Sleeve. The manufactures have noted that they now throw in a tube of lotion for free to get you started on the ride of your life.
At last count we believe that over 2 million of these sex toys have been sold worldwide. We believe that this toy will become the most used male sex toy ever build.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dildos will reward your Bedroom Antics

dong device
If you have not already, you should read this article and discuss the benefits of using a dildo in your couple sex play. Not only can be beneficial for a solo experience but also extremely beneficial for a couple experience. Love Aids adult toys come in millions of different shapes and sizes and thus can become very difficult to choose the best product for just you or if you want to use it with your partner.

Ok that said, putting aside any issues when choosing a sex toy, Click Here let’s examine all the benefits of using an adult sex toy like the dong

Benefits of using a Dong

The extreme dildo can be used in so many ways. If you prefer both partners can stimulate themselves by inserting the toys in their own orifices’. It does matter if you don’t have a partner. The idea is to use the dildo to explore yourself and see what you like and don’t like.  For a women a dong can teach herself and her body how to reach an orgasm. With the use of gentle examination a women can come to realise what she may need to reach an orgasm more frequently and which movement will provide the most pleasure. When she is with a partner she cannot always explore all of herself with him or her as time may not be on her side. Using a dildo she can now find that special spot that will drive her wild and not worry that her partner will not be able to keep up.

After knowing what she knows she may think about relaying this info to her partner which will ensure that  both parties know how to please each other. After all better lovers make better relationships.

We speak of single exploration but both parties may join in the fun. Dongs can be used by both partners in various ways. Some couples may want to slowly be aroused. You may be interested in buying a slow vibrator dildo which keep can keep itself heated. Thus when one of the partners have used the toy it will keep the heat, so the other partner can feel its heat from the other user.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Why do you wear condoms

Men wear condoms to prevent pregnancy or avoid contracting a sexual transmitted disease.  According to a number of studies, the condom does not allow any bad or good organism to move through its latex barrier. In recent studies, condoms is almost 99% effective if used correctly. Even though some people say that using contraceptives is not so effective than people using family plan methods. This of course makes no sense as family planning methods would indicate that the user is planning to have a baby.

Latex condom stats and Facts

First rule they all differ in size and thickness. These male contraceptives are about 0.3 to 0.8 in thickness. It should have no holes or even microscopic sizes. Sperm has the ability to move through smaller spaces than 3 microns. Studies have noted that its effectiveness changes greatly from country to country. Something else that has been mentioned is that married couples that would not want to get pregnant is more motivated to avoid un unwanted pregnancy and then make sure about the effectiveness of the male condom.

Condoms effective against STD’s

How effective is it against Std’s ? Condoms is relatively safe to use when avoiding std’s. If you using them long term, you can prevent contracting aids. That said, people that suffer from disease like genital warts, herpes, or syphilis is much more likely to contract the disease even after wearing protection
Another studies done in Bangladesh, said that after wearing something for the first time but after the 3rd sexual experience they stop using any form of contraceptive. In a place like Barbados, only 30% of men use protection every time they have sex. This inconsistent use of condoms is very reason why they there is so much unwanted pregnancies.

It’s been noted that Insufficient vaginal lubrication can lead to breakages. Longer foreplay can definitely help increase vaginal lubrication or if the need arise using a lubrication like K-Y Jelly. Some men and women do not know that using certain lubrication can actually damage the product. Any oil based product, skin lotions, petroleum jelly should be avoid at all cost when using a condom. Some of the best toys can be found at site like - Sextoyland 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Adult dvd market Segment

For years the adult dvd and movie market were forever going up. Adult industry were considered as a recession proof business. Sex toys and adult dvd’s were one of the few businesses that could never decline in sales. That said, there has suddenly been a decrease in sales the last couple of years.

For instance sales have dropped sharply if you check out sales from Blue movies in 2005 and 2006. The porn industry body have revealed that sales have dropped from 4.3 billion dollars in 2005 to 3.6 billion dollars in 2006. Online sales did not suffer the same fate. Sales have gone up from 2.5 to 2.8 billion in their respective years. This would indicate that sales have gone down in adult dvd bought from shop but sales have increase with people preferring to buy xxx dvd's and downloadable movies via the internet.

History would recognize that new adult dvd’s have been always been a firm favorite among buyers. Loyal customers would follow specific porn companies, producers of porn films and adult porn stars. For this reason, the porn industry have become very wide stream. Having sex in front of a camera is not seen as a job that people have to be ashamed for anymore. The adult movie actors have become stars in their own right. In fact the biggest adults stars like Jenna Jameson and Lisa Ann has become house hold names and admired wherever they go.

The biggest players in the porn market have noted that for them to survive they are going to have to take back the internet market. Most buyers are now looking for adult material online. For the normal buyer rather would go out buy an online than go to a specific adult dvd brick and mortar store.
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Vivid Entertainment one of the biggest Porn dvd producers in the world have noted that that sales have dropped significantly. They mentioned a record drop of 30% of sex dvd sales. Other trend has been the closing of adult world and video retails stores like tower records, virgin mega-store and Movie gallery.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Buying a sex toy as a Gift

Want to buy a special sexy gift for your husband then the time has never been so right. With sex toys become more and more wide stream with men and women, manufacturers are coming up with more innovative intercourse toys for men than ever before. There is a multitude of sex products out there for men, for example the cock ring or male g-spot vibe or even vibrators for men. The penis sleeve has also grown in popularity and has become their first choice when choosing an adult toy for males. If males and females can overcome the taboo of purchasing sex toys, you can now show your partner how much you care for them.

Men generally will not admit they own a sex toy or want a adult male novelty toy, even if they really want it. Men do not mind using a adult toy or using a sex toy on a partner but they do feel inadequate among their peers when they find out that their partners do not necessarily need them in the bedroom or he cannot perform in the bedroom like other men. These feeling are of course total garbage. Men need to get over their over-sized egos as they do not understand what they are missing.

At this stage a women needs to take the leading hand. She will know exactly what her man like. So you basically need to think what he likes and then associate it to a specific toy he would like to use. For instance does he like he anus rubbed, does he enjoy blow jobs.

For men that like prostate stimulation you can buy anal or male g-spot vibe. The nexus Glide G Spot massager does that very thing. Not only will this bring extra sensation when used but also are benefit the male medically. Other toys like the massaging ball were devolved specifically to not only stimulate the gspot but also the perineum and anal area. This combine stimulation in conjunction with sex can very enjoyable for the male.

I mentioned the masturbator toys earlier. These sleeves have definitely become a firm favourite among men. The Fleshlight or Tenga masturbators have taken most the male sex toy market. This toy mimics the sexual act of inserting the penis inside the vagina. They are made from material that feels almost exactly like the real thing.

The Fleshlight is known to feel just like skin from inside the vagina while the Tenga product allows the user to control the tightness of the product.

The cock ring is another gift that both parties can use. The cock ring is worn over the penis. This device traps blood inside thus engorging the organ more than usual. This ensures the male stay harder for longer. The toy also gets extra add-ons which has the ability to stimulate the women while having sex.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Book of the Kamasutra

kama sutra
The book of Kama-sutra brings images of sexual positions to mind. Of course when reading the book of love you will notice that sexual positions is only one part of the book, in fact the book is broken up in “finding your perfect spouse”, sustain your power in a relationship, how to commit infidelity, living with a prostitute, the use of drugs and of course how to perform sexually.

We will discuss the sexual part of the kamasutra. The book of kama sutra is broken up in 7 books. Sexual intercourse positions are only discussed one of the books. The rest of the book is about the so called Art of living. In one of the passages the book explains the art of sex. If the man has not have had sex for 3 days, the women start to despise him. He would then tempt her and find a way for him to trust him again. He will not force her, as Vatsyayana would say will not help your sexually because women are like flowers and need to be enticed. Forcing the lady would only lead a woman that does not enjoy sex. Within the book, Vatsyayana beliefs that when man and women get married, they should not have sex for at least 3 nights. The newly married couple should take this time to understand each other, win each other’s trust and try to find their love for each other. To put this into layman terms the notion of love between women and man were rarity between couples in this time when this book were wrote.

The kamasutra also describe why women commit adultery. The law book of the time said that “good looks do not matter to women, nor do they care about youth. They are able to enjoy sex even though is seen ugly or good looking.

The book of the Kamasutra also make note of homosexual notions. Even though homosexuality was widespread at that time, it did not have the same meaning as homosexuality of today. In ancient Indian times homosexually were men that were unable or unwilling to reproduce. For more information on the Kamasutra and sexual techniques visit our online webpage