Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Book of the Kamasutra

kama sutra
The book of Kama-sutra brings images of sexual positions to mind. Of course when reading the book of love you will notice that sexual positions is only one part of the book, in fact the book is broken up in “finding your perfect spouse”, sustain your power in a relationship, how to commit infidelity, living with a prostitute, the use of drugs and of course how to perform sexually.

We will discuss the sexual part of the kamasutra. The book of kama sutra is broken up in 7 books. Sexual intercourse positions are only discussed one of the books. The rest of the book is about the so called Art of living. In one of the passages the book explains the art of sex. If the man has not have had sex for 3 days, the women start to despise him. He would then tempt her and find a way for him to trust him again. He will not force her, as Vatsyayana would say will not help your sexually because women are like flowers and need to be enticed. Forcing the lady would only lead a woman that does not enjoy sex. Within the book, Vatsyayana beliefs that when man and women get married, they should not have sex for at least 3 nights. The newly married couple should take this time to understand each other, win each other’s trust and try to find their love for each other. To put this into layman terms the notion of love between women and man were rarity between couples in this time when this book were wrote.

The kamasutra also describe why women commit adultery. The law book of the time said that “good looks do not matter to women, nor do they care about youth. They are able to enjoy sex even though is seen ugly or good looking.

The book of the Kamasutra also make note of homosexual notions. Even though homosexuality was widespread at that time, it did not have the same meaning as homosexuality of today. In ancient Indian times homosexually were men that were unable or unwilling to reproduce. For more information on the Kamasutra and sexual techniques visit our online webpage