Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Masturbation Facts and Fiction

The fact is most people masturbate. Many people worry about it but for some reason it is seen as a taboo subject among couples. The reason why has allot do with the amount of myths out there. This includes ideas like its dangerous and it’s dirty. But for those that believe it’s wrong, you categorically need to read this article. We will explain everything there is to know about masturbation and common myths about the act of having sex with by yourself.

Common Masturbation Myths

We all have heard about the myth that if you masturbate, it will make you blind, give you hair on your hands or even stupid and our personal favorite, it will stunt your growth, but of course this is all untrue. Studies have note that stimulating yourself to an orgasm has no negative effects, including physical or mental. In fact studies have shown that the act of masturbation allows you to relax, improve stress levels and has a positive effect on sleeping patterns. A little known fact about having an orgasm is that releases natural endorphins which are the body’s natural painkiller and feel good drug.
Masturbating is also very important to keep yourself healthy. Having an orgasm a day can actually improve your mental health (anti depressant), it also have been proven to prevent endometriosis, and it in addition have found to reduce cancer among men and of course the most notable idea has to be that having solo sex is of course the ultimate way of having safe sex – which of course is a extremely safe way to not fall pregnant or get an STD.

Solo Sex and your relationship

You all have heard the fact that men and women in a relationship do not masturbate. The fact is that men and women in a relationship tend to masturbate more when those that are in a relationship than those that are not.  Sex therapist have documented that when a partner finds out that his or her partner is having solo sex they sometimes feel that there may be something wrong with their relationship. The normal questions that always seem to come up are “Why are they masturbating if they can have sex with them“. The normal answer to this is “if their partner is not always available, then they would enjoy themselves.
A common question among guys is “Do women masturbate? “ . Well the answer is of course they do, almost as much as men. We all know that men do express themselves sexuality; well women are inclined to not express it so much. Society has taught young girls to not masturbate as the general feeling has always been that it’s immoral or if they do masturbate they tend not to admit it. Either way the fact is females do have sex with themselves on a regular basis. Adult female vibrators have become the norm in the last 20 years for this very reason; if you go online you will find hundreds if not thousands of sites that cater for men and women that are looking for female masturbation toys.

Can you masturbate too much?

Yes of course you can. Like everything in life, if you do too much of something that gives you pleasure, you may become addicted to it. According to American Psychiatric Association if you masturbate excessively and it has a negative effect on every day task like going to work, school or just meeting up with friends then you may have a problem that needs addressing.
We hope this article have given you a better understanding about the myths and facts of masturbating.